How Mobile CRM Can Benefit Your Startup Business


India’s startup ecosystem continues to increase at a rapid pace. Now we have nearly 19,000 technology-enabled startup companies, according to Economic-survey 2015-2016. However, despite the innovative ideas and groundbreaking projects, many businesses struggle to survive the competition, and many are eventually forced to shut down.

Accepting the challenges, many companies are now using Customer Relationship managementsoftware and getting wonderful benefits out of it.

As per the latest survey by Trackvia, successful implementation of CRM software can boost sales revenue by 41% for per salesperson and can enhance customer retention by up to 27%.

Office-based CRM systems are powerful tools for small businesses, but once you get outside the office, you will be completely disconnected from the affluence of your CRM tools.

That is the way sales-based startups face maximum problems regarding information management, client communication and team collaboration. Opening up your laptop to log in to a casual chat with your client is not a convenient option all the time, especially when you are out for a meeting.

Having your sales team equipped with a mobile CRM can benefit you to a large extent.

Quick facts about mobile CRM
  • Not only is the CRM industry growing at a rapid pace, but Mobile CRM is expected to grow by 500%, with more than 50% of business rolling out or piloting mobile CRM. (Source- Gartner)
  • Mobile access to a CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6% with a further 3 in 10 mobile CRM users reporting productivity improvement of more than 20%. (Source- Nucleus Research)

  • Companies that have mobile CRM enabled had a much higher percentage of reps achieving their sales quotes. (Source: Super Office)



Selling on-the-go

CRM software is nothing but the backbone of a sales team. They need to access different marketing and sales tools, even if they are outside the office. Without a mobile CRM this could not have been possible at all.

Going out for a meeting with a mini-office in your pocket will surely give a higher level of confidence. You can carry out the selling process any time, no matter where you are.

All time access to updated information

Imagine the common scenario of a company with a decentralized sales force – while attending a meeting you suddenly need some information to show your client. You called your team members, and asked them to send a mail attached with the documents, and waited a long time expecting to receive the mail from the office.

Logically, you simply can’t waste your time like that. It certainly leaves a bad impression on your client and for this you may not get your expected closure.

With a mobile-enabled CRM system you can access updated client information, product information, brochure and everything in just a click.

Besides, the information comes with an organized form, making things easy to figure out. And the best part is that its limited access completely confirms the information security.

Real-time reporting

If you or one of your sales team members completes a transaction on the meeting site with a client, you may need to return to the office to update the MOM or transaction details into the system later on. This type of delay slows down the process.

While running a startup company, you need a superfast selling process. With a mobile-enabled CRM, you can simply update all records from your smartphone or tablet while you’re there with the customer. These real-time updates will show up on the dashboard, so that your co-salespersons and the executives can instantly know about the work progress.

Shorter sales cycle

From the previous points, by all means a CRM can successfully cut down the sales cycle, rescuing you from the exertion of long sales cycle. It streamlines your team efforts with technological tools to prevent you from unnecessary delay.

Collaboration on the peak

A startup company always needs a fully organized and coherent sales team. They need a platform, where they can chat, share, report and make big decisions instantly.

CRM gives you the right opportunity to enhance your team collaboration. With its inbuilt chat facility, you can share anything with your team, be it an image, video, audio or a document. Form a group or go for one-to-one interaction – with your CRM you can resolve any team or client related issues immediately. You do not need to call for a meeting or individually call people and ask their problems. You can interact with multiple employees directly through your mobile CRM app.
[Find more on team collaboration, with mobile CRM – 5 Applications of Mobile CRM to Achieve 5x Sales Results]

Also, it gives you the opportunity to maintain and track the performance and work progress of your employees.
Most importantly, your CRM tools will always take care of your data privacy.


Ultimate customer engagement

With your CRM in your pocket, you can contact your client whenever you want. The integrated social networks and other systems will help you to answer the customer queries, mails, social media comments and feedback.

By giving prompt response to customers’ inquiries and feedback, you can achieve remarkable customer engagement and brand loyalty.


With the upswing of mobile computing, cloud-based data networks and smart devices, companies now understand that anything that can be done digitally in office can also be accomplished effortlessly on the go. So, why not with your CRM?

Having a Mobile CRM is no longer optional.

Utilizing mobile CRM you can manage a prospective business in your sales funnel. You can make opportunities to define the prospect of your business, manage pipelines and related activity circles, and make certain the accuracy of sales forecast.

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From producing new prompts letting the big dog eat, the whole deals process can turn out to be long and depleting. In this, one wrong move could flick your whole ‘place of cards’ tumbling towards ground.

Each businessperson, paying little heed to the business, item, or aptitude level, commits errors. Furthermore, from their missteps they learn new thing about supporting and transforming their leads into circumstances.

Be that as it may, there are some regular slip-ups that even prepared campaigner could confer in the midst of their business profession.

While having a unified methodology is fundamental, you additionally need to comprehend that each lead is distinctive. It is urgent to have the adaptability to approach each lead independently. Likewise, you can state that diverse business people have distinctive strategies.

These three basic oversights could stop sales representatives dead on their tracks. It could be effortlessly maintained a strategic distance from and could even transform into solid focuses on the off chance that you precisely arrange and watch an unmistakable offering design with customers.

Botch 1: Messing-up the Follow-up Routines

While supporting quality leads, you ought to know the noteworthy estimation of catch up with the prospects, keeping in mind the end goal to pick up their trust and speedup the real change handle.

Basically, the lead sustaining is frequently includes picking up the trust of prospect and quickening their genuine change.

[Learn more about the significance of follow-up calls here – The Key to Increasing Your Sales: It’s All about Following-up]

However, even in the wake of being made mindful of the energy of development or profiting from arranged client development, business people much of the time neglect to execute legitimate follow-up conventions. They wind up either staying away from a specific lead or too much ringing a specific high esteem prospect.

In both cases, you could self pulverizing your prospects enthusiasm for your item/benefit.

There are mostly two purposes for it-

  • Not having complete track on deals leads
  • Unnecessary work stack – excessively numerous gatherings to go to and an excessive number of calls to do

Internationally, every businessperson can identify with this circumstance. Due every now and again getting substantial workloads and at the same time taking care of different customers, all business people experience the ill effects of the absence of future prospect arranging.


Missing follow-up calls can back off change handle and seriously influence your transformation rates. All the more vitally, it can influence your general customer connections.

That implies loss of extraordinary possibilities and opportunity that can restrict you to get right ROI.


Despite the fact that the issue is grave, you can’t envision how straightforward the arrangement is. Keeping track on scratch pad and keeping up a contact book is excessively old, making it impossible to stay aware of this focused industry.

Rather than keeping mental tab on every client, you could utilize and the call administration framework. This helps you assess the advance and orchestrate a call at an inclined time.

This permits you to deal with every client connections with the goal of driving last changes. You can likewise set the correct recurrence and method of inner correspondence.

By having a call administration framework, you can kill the pointless issues that could influence your business procedure.

Then, you can likewise refresh your day by day assignment on your CRM dashboard. With this framework, your whole group can team up on keeping any potential gets to be passed up a great opportunity of the work process. This will deal with your feverish timetable and give a reasonable comprehension about dealing with your work day.



Botch 2: Lack of Information

Continuously, even the most united customer gatherings are a thing of uncertainty.

Consider that you are going to a prospect. Presently your customer approaches you for an insight about your item and you aren’t learned or don’t convey the record about that specific matter.

Or, then again assume, abruptly a customer calls you and gets some information about the status of his/her enquiry and you don’t have any hint about the past discussion, since that last call was taken by another person.

Both of these are extremely normal in deals and advertising associations.


Absence of data is the real cause behind all the misconception amongst customer and organization. While lucidity of data can support the associations with trust and steadfastness, shallow item exhibit and misty contract can prompt indispensable blunder of correspondence.

Absence of data among your workers can influence

  • Organization notoriety
  • Lead era prepare
  • Lead transformation rate
  • Cooperation
  • Office condition and culture


Yes, even this issue has a simple arrangement. Furthermore, similar deals CRM programming can bail you out of the circumstance.

Its profitable application gives you the chance to refresh all the data accumulated about your customer; you can even raise ticket for every dissension or enquiry to catching up the status. All the colleagues with access to the dashboard can see and act in view of the refreshed data.

In addition, you can have a different area for transferring your stock and get to those information from your portable CRM application, with the goal that you can show to your customer while having a meeting outside the workplace.


Botch 3: Ignoring the Sales Pipeline

Is it true that you are mindful of your high ROI lead sources? Do you know what your future deals prospect is?

Being unmindful of your business pipeline can seriously cost you. Be that as it may, this issue is fairly not quite the same as the other two. Since, the business pipeline administration is a more noteworthy worry of offers officials, it has huge part in lead era and change.

44% of the organizations think they are inadequate at dealing with the business pipeline. Despite the fact that it helps you to get legitimate deals gauge, exact thoughts regarding the status of the arrangement, noticeably recognize hot, frosty and warm prospect, and present a reasonable vision about your business.


Overlooking deals pipeline can straightforwardly impact on your ROI. Appropriate deals pipeline administration helps understanding the nature of leads. Deals reps have a tendency to dismiss the open doors they ought to be seeking after, when they squander so much time pursuing poor arrangements.

At the point when your vision is blurred by poor leads, you’ll invest 90% of your energy separating through awful arrangements to attempt and locate the ones to mentor on.


A specialized issue ought to dependably have a specialized arrangement. Just a legitimate deals pipeline administration instrument can help you separate amongst poor and great quality leads.

Your CRM dashboard is the best place where you can discover each data about your prospects, position of your lead in the business pipeline. This gives you profitable knowledge about what to do to make the change quicker.



What works for some sales representatives, may not work for you… It is basic to have adaptability and flexibility to experiment with new methodologies and procedures.

As should be obvious these three regular missteps are effortlessly avoidable with your business CRM programming. You don’t have to introduce diverse applications or embrace troublesome procedures to confine yourself from harming your business openings. All you have to use your business administration framework at its full.

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The Real Estate industry in India is prepared to grasp the business computerization framework. Alongside all business ventures, Real Estate is additionally confronting a colossal turmoil and operators are ceaselessly embracing new innovations to stay aware of the expanding market requests.

Indian land designers need to change their client benefit procedures because of the accompanying reasons:

  • New standards and directions in land industry
  • Rising clients’ desire
  • Expanding rivalry

With moment access of data and shoppers winding up noticeably more quiet with offering their own particular houses and properties, the Indian land industry is squeezed hard in staying aware of the moving tide. Reacting to the progressively very much educated purchaser base and, remembering the reality of globalization, our land engineers have changed gears and acknowledged new difficulties.

That is the reason you can see the rising notoriety of Real Estate CRM in our nation. Dealers are searching for Real Estate CRM custom-made particularly for their industry needs.

Small and mid-sized brokers are the ones most benefited from CRM for Real Estate.



In this current circumstance, where the whole market is totally client driven, both little and huge financiers require Customer Relationship administration programming so as to maintain in this aggressive market economy.

The CRM programming not just begins working from the day a purchaser and specialist go into an understanding, additionally it gives significant experiences to produce more leads and change over them into business openings.

It gets convenient venture data

Such a large number of individuals are currently putting resources into land thus many individuals are pitching their properties to have new ones. Indian land industry is normal the development of 7.0% this year, as indicated by Thomson Reuters.

In this expansive industry, you have to outfit new strategies and incorporate solid data administration apparatuses with your framework. Apparatuses that can remind you the arrangements, day by day undertakings, indicate case the purchasers’ data, and every one of the information about properties and contracts.

Apparently, the purchasers having the capacity to get to data that they have to settle on more consistent choices, it’s trimming down the significance for the less educated intermediaries.

Shrewd land businesses are grasping these mechanical advances and utilizing new CRM instruments to survive. While, others are adhering to the conventional systems and old strategies, since that is the way arrangements and handover forms have dependably been finished.

Ponderously however, history has demonstrated on numerous occasions, wistfulness is not really a decent plan of action — regardless of which industry you have a place.

With the reasonable venture administration programming you can add extend agenda to take after the advance of a specific arrangement, yet can keep up the data security at its full. Coordinating a date-book with your CRM framework, you can keep track on present and up and coming occasions, arrangements and gatherings.


It improves the execution and handover handle

The land CRM framework can record every one of the installments as and when gotten from the purchasers. It even can help following the portion procedure, since purchasers for the most part pay high sums for their properties in portions. With Real Estate CRM it is probably going to make an installment logbook, staying with agreement with the’s money related systems.

This will help the engineers to produce additionally request letters and make exact reports on installment prepare. In this way, in the long run the handover procedure will get less demanding with the lucidity of installment structure and right records.

Other than this, CRM permits an all encompassing and composed approach for determining and planning.

Inside the land lifecycle, the financier needs to speak with the purchaser much of the time, be it request letters for installment, turning point culmination, or support related interchanges. A little mistake here can make an extreme harm customer connections.

With CRM frameworks, you can appreciate every one of the benefits of promoting and deals computerization. CRM apparatuses permit you to design and produce mechanized interchanges through email or portable messages. With this you can invest with a tolerable indication of the exchanges which occurred in your purchaser’s record.

It gives apparatuses to keep up administrative consistence

In current circumstance, Indian land area is confronting an extraordinary weight of controls, because of the presentation of RERA Act. As indicated by this demonstration, all the land engineers and promoters need to complete venture points of interest, for example, design, arrive subtle elements, endorsements, laborers and the evaluated finishing calendar of the venture with the controller and additionally the purchaser.

On a shorter note, the current spending plan (2017) likewise makes amazing energy in Indian realty area. Being the second-greatest work generator, after horticultural area, designation to PradhanMantriAwasYojana expanded from Rs. 15,000 crore to Rs. 23,000 crore in Indian land area. Advance, the Government has certified its expectation of developing 1 crore rustic houses by 2019.

Along these lines, it is the perfect time to acknowledge the difficulties and welcome the open doors and make greatest benefits utilizing right advancements.

CRM programming use the network among the purchasers and financiers and aides creating gives an account of an everyday schedule. Therefore, it abbreviates and streamlines the work procedure so you can accomplish quick venture finish. Composed and portioned data on CRM dashboard which will help you to systematize your work process, with the goal that you can keep up the direction, yet hold your income.

Completing words

What’s more with the over three, land CRM framework streamlines the client enquiry following from begin to conclusion, building up a business channel and further gives ongoing perspective of it. With every one of its elements and applications, your CRM programming offers you the ideal opening to get into the focused on client section and get the correct chance to expand your benefit.

With the progressions, today’s realty segment has turned out to be completely develop to embrace the business computerization prepare. Find out about Real Estate CRM programming visit Kapture CRM and encounter the CRM demo. You may likewise attempt 30 days free CRM trial. For any enquiry contact our group, call +91 7899887755 or send a mail to us at



Your business group is getting enough leads each day and giving a gigantic push to change over time. In any case, shockingly the greater part of the leads are slipping out of your hands, limiting you from getting right ROI.

Putting resources into advertising channels, for example, SEO, inbound, PPC, expos is sufficiently powerful to increase the lead era rate. Be that as it may, some additional traps are required for an effective deals pipeline administration.

A broken pipeline is an affliction for an organization. In spite of the fact that you have to know–

Just 25% of leads are really real (Source: Gleanster Research) and if the other 75% are spilling out, nothing is lost decisively.

79% of advertising leads never change over into deals, for the most part because of absence of lead supporting. (Source: MarketingSherpa)

A review with more than 62 B2B associations indicates 44% of administrators surmise that their organizations are ineffectual at overseeing deals pipeline legitimately. (Source: Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association)

Be that as it may, in the event that you are losing the most qualified leads, then it’s the opportune time to change the apparatus and experiment with new deals pipeline administration programming, for the ideal sustenance of your leads.


Organizations that exceed expectations at lead sustaining produce half more deals prepared leads at 33% lower cost. (Source: Forrester Research)

Sustained leads make 47% bigger buys than non-supported leads. (Source: The Annuitas Group)

A business pipeline administration is a simple approach to watch the procedure behind a deal.

[Know more about – is deals pipeline administration truly essential for deals growth?]

In the event that you are not receiving legitimate outcomes in return, then at first you have to distinguish the correct issue. Why are the majority of your leads spilling out? What are the correct spillage focuses in your business pipeline?

Procedure of distinguishing the issue and spillage point

Distinguishing the spillage focuses includes inside and out perception into your business pipeline. For this you require your business CRM to feature all the data identified with your current and potential customers.

Releases have a tendency to show up, when your organization’s business cycles don’t fit with the prospects’ purchasing cycles.

For an illustration, your organization offers cricket adornments. For you, a forthcoming lead ought to will to purchase cricket frill, be that as it may, individuals who are occupied with football extras are not thought to be qualified.

Moreover, if your business pipe is loaded with leads that are keen on games extras as a rule, then you have to isolate your qualified leads (individuals who need to purchase cricket adornments) from the others.

Your CRM dashboard is the correct place, from where you can get noteworthy bits of knowledge forsegregating your qualified leads from un-qualified leads.

When you can recognize the true blue and qualified leads, you will bit by bit quit sitting around idly on ‘poor leads’, since they won’t be prepared for a business call.

Know the business pipeline position of each lead

In the wake of isolating the qualified leads, you have to know their positions in your business pipeline.

However, the quantity of phases of your business pipeline depends totally on the length of the business cycle. As per Donal Daly, “Having an excessive number of stages in the business pipeline is counterproductive. Six or seven stages are the ideal number of stages in the pipeline”, since excessively numerous means will be tedious.

For the most part, every business has five basic phases of offers pipeline-

  1. Beginning contact
  2. Capability
  3. Meeting
  4. Proposition
  5. Close

All five stages have different weighted value within them; hence, they can include multiple sub-stages.With your sales pipeline management software you can identify exactly what is the position of your lead.


Enhance deals change rate by following-up

Distinguishing proof of leads’ positions empowers you to perceive what makes you fall behind from getting deals openings. You can plug those breaks with impeccable subsequent meet-ups.

Following-up a prospect is the pivotal piece of lead supporting. Follow-up calls and messages help you to take care of business inside the concurred day and age.

46% of advertisers with develop lead administration forms have deals groups that follow up on over 75% of showcasing created drives (Source: Forrester Research).

Advance, a CRM programming can help you get most extreme ROI with robotized lead administration prepare, by reminding you about gatherings and follow-up calls. You can even set an every day errand rundown to arrange your everyday work that disentangles the offering procedure.


Organizations that robotize lead administration, see a 10% (or more prominent) expanded deals income in 6-9 months (Source: Gartner Research).

Proficient follow-up abbreviates the business cycle and causes getting important chances to keep up long haul associations with clients.


Pipeline administration fuses the issue of how the business pipeline is organized, how it is measured and how it is used. Deals groups that put the perfect measure of time in characterizing an organized and manageable sales process are the most capable at dealing with their business pipelines.

With these three straightforward strides you can surprisingly chop down your spillage rate and moreover procure exact deals estimate. So it has an immediate part in expanding deals income.

Presently you know how CRM programming helps you to settle your business pipeline spillage.

Would you like to find out about deals CRM?

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b1-3 (1)

Suppose you are working in your office and it’s nearly lunch time. Suddenly, you receive a push notification from a new online store that offers you a wonderful discount on Chinese restaurants. How would you feel? Simply great!

Certainly, you wouldn’t have much time to search all the apps to find out smart deals and tempting discounts. A push notification is precisely what you need to save your time.

If you think from the perspective of your customers, a smart push notification can bring out significant customer engagement and brand loyalty. There are almost 50% of users who opt into push notifications and find them useful. Further, push notifications boost app engagement by 88%.

With the incredible number of apps flooding the market, the dynamics of competition have changed into much tougher one. App users are fickle and their vision is overwhelmed with thousands of options that result in a high rate of churn. 75% of app users churn within 90 days.

So, how to make an exception for your app? What are the ways to remarkably cut down the churn rate?

Push notification is definitely an answer!

If you surely want to make a visible difference between you and your competitors, then keep in mind the below tactics:

Make Your Subscribers Feel Special

Bird’s eye view is not always effective for customer service; rather, every subscriber has a unique interest, which drew them to your website. Stop seeing your customers as a whole and start respecting their individualities. Make your push notification more relevant to the subscribers by personalizing it.

Highly targeted push notifications drive 293% more response on average than broadcast messages, with some verticals achieving nearly 7x greater responses. It may differ from industry to industry:


Image courtesy: Localytics

Why targeted push notifications make such a huge difference?

Let’s explain with an example, you are a new mother, having a cute little 2 monthold daughter. You subscribe apps like Amazon, First Cry, Flipkart and frequently seek out good deals on baby products and newborn clothes. One day you receive a push notification offering great discount on diaper and baby food. This sudden offer will surely cheer you up.

That is why, 65% of users return to an app when push is enabled, and only 19% of users who do not have push enabled return to an app within 30 days.

For targeting your audiences you need perfect customer segmentation, in terms of age, gender, occupation, geographical situation, purchase history and behavior. Put all the customer data on your CRM software and it will help you to get valuable insights on customer segmentation. Once the process is done, you will be able to decide on suitable offers for each segment.

Time is the Key for Every Lock

Here we will explain the time factor with two different aspects. Consider below situations:

Situation 1: It is the middle of the night. After a long, tiring, day you are sleeping. Suddenly, your phone vibrates and a notification pops up on your screen. Won’t you feel annoyed?

Situation 2: You installed an app couple of months ago and yet not received any push notification or any offer from the site. That will certainly turn you off from using the app further.

The first situation can easily handle by segmenting the time zone with your CRM, in case you are having a globally accessible app. Or you can choose the suitable time period, keeping relevance with your offerings. For instance, if you are offering discounts or introducing new cuisine, it’s always better to choose the lunch time (12 to 1 at noon). More precisely, you can separate your notifications specifying breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The second situation is rather tricky and required more attention to retain your subscriber and avoid churn.

A Recent study shows, 30% of android users didn’t receive any push notification within the first 90 days. Of those users, only 5% continued to use the app.

That happens when you have no track of your database, and consequently failed to focus on retaining new customers.

Your information management software is well capable of handling all the information related to subscription. From your CRM dashboard you can get constructive insights on new customers and their buying behavior and interest.

Sending weekly notifications can increase 90-day app retention by 2x on iOS and 6x on Android phones.

Come up with Maximum Creative Style

Creativity in your push notification plays an important role behind how many visitors you are getting on your website.

Nowadays, creativity does not only signify punching lines and innovative copies. Use the power of image, GIF, video and audio to engage maximum users. Think out of the box and try different combinations of images, titles and messages.

This reach, push notification can directly increase open rates by up-to 56%.


Your messages will be creatively sent, clicks will increase. And that means your website traffic will gradually increase.


What marketers need to always remember is that push notifications can be utilized for many different purposes and they should start using them to attain their marketing goals. However, it is vital to ensure that notifications are not looked upon as intrusive or uninteresting.

So, the general trend in the market shows the fact of correlation between notification frequency and greater app user retention rates.

Do you want to retain your subscribers? Visit Kapture CRM and try our free CRM trial for 30 daysor Kapture demo to have a better understanding and experience.

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The entire banking sector runs on relationships. For hundreds of years, the relationships between the banks and their customers are a backbone of the state’s economy. however with the increasing client demand for higher digital expertise during this era, the banking sector is quickly dynamical their client engagement policies.

Before, there was only 1 thanks to build firm client relationships, which was face-to-face interaction. folks wont to visit the bank to gather info regarding gap a checking accountmove with the executives and build their choices.

Now, folks ar progressively wishing on mobile communication and web banking. So, the complete dimension of building trust and engagement has modified. The notion of banking expertise has to be seen from a special perspective, incorporating recent techniques and technologies.

According to research, customers WHO ar totally engaged, bring thirty seventh a lot of annual revenue to their primary bank than the purchasers WHO ar disengaged.

Today, the client engagement in banking sector depends on 3 very important factors-

1. Effective communication

2. period of time expertise

3. Trust

  1. Omni-channel Communication system


Most of the banking organizations begin puzzling over client engagement when a brand new client opens Associate in Nursing account. But, at the start it ought to instigate even before the link begins. Communication is that the best medium to spot, target and attract potential customers in any quite business. The Banking sector isn’tAssociate in Nursing exception.

The a lot of folks have gotten wont to with on-line and mobile communication, the a lot of banking organizations ar integration live chat, mobile app and social media channels with their client Relationship Management software system.

Businesses with the sturdy Omni-channel client engagement policies retain a mean of eighty nine of their customers, as compared to 33% for businesses with poor Omni-channel policies [Source: Aberdeen].

Further, people have personal preferences regarding communication channels. Incorporating multiple channels means you are giving your customer multiple opportunities to choose their preferred medium.

With your banking CRM software you can integrate all the channels of communication to a single platform, so that you can effectively communicate with potential and existing customers.

2.      Personalize Banking Experience


While making a financial decision customers have more information sources at the bank. Today, they are in a much more favorable position than the companies that tuned the dimension of sales and marketing principles.

Now, customers want more personalized services to enhance the banking experience. 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated [Source: McKinsey]. And they want to feel special.

However, delivering a personalized experience can be difficult for banks, because of the regulations and legacy systems that hold them back from intervening on people personal lives.

But, with the CRM for banking sector you can strategically track your customer’s financial journey, organizing the data taken from them. Once you get the valuable insights from your data analysis, you can sort out proper customer segmentations, and will be able to deliver a customized experience to each segment.

3.      Clarity of Information


As in any relationship, it is imperative to build a strong foundation of trust before moving further. People have major trust issues, when it comes to a financial decision. It’s far more severe than buying a cloth or choosing a hotel for your vacation trip, as it relates to you and your family’s future.

Frequent communication and a wonderful personalized experience can enhance the trust level to some extent. However, the main factor behind breeding faith in customers’ heart is to provide them accurate and clear information.

Before communicating with customers, your executives ought to have sufficient info to build things clear and leave no doubt for confusion.

The banking CRM system has info management tools to update and share inforestricted access can keep secure your knowledge from others, whereas enhancing the collaboration and merchandise understanding among the team member.

Once your executives have enough info to resolve the complete inquiry, the shopper can step by step begin trusting your bank Associate in Nursingnotice the arrogance to open an account.

Today, customers have a lot of choices than ever before, due to the mobile technology that permits the bank to visit the purchasershowever the foremost attention-grabbing factor is that the bank executives can evencash in of those technological advances.

Ramping up your client engagement strategy could be a worthy effort that ensures higher client retention. client engagement is that the cornerstone of a relationship that embraces trust and loyalty, if done properly.

Rethink your client engagement strategy, attempt Kapture CRM free trial for thirty days or evoke the free CRM demo. For a lot of info contact America at +91 7899887755 or




From generating new leads to closing deals, the entire sales process can become long and exhausting. In this, one wrong move could flick your entire ‘house of cards’ tumbling towards ground.

Every salesperson, regardless of the industry, product, or skill level, makes mistakes. And from their mistakes they learn new thing about nourishing and turning their leads into opportunities.

But there are some common mistakes that even seasoned campaigner could be committing amidst their sales career.

While having a centralized strategy is essential, you also need to understand that each lead is different. It is crucial to have the flexibility to approach each lead individually. Also, you can say that different salespeople have different tactics.

These three common mistakes could stop sales people dead on their tracks. It could be easily avoided and could even turn into strong points if you carefully plan and observe a clear selling pattern with clients.

Mistake 1: Messing-up the Follow-up Routines

While nourishing quality leads, you should know the significant value of follow-up with the prospects, in order to gain their trust and speedup the actual conversion process.

Simply put, the lead nourishing is often involves gaining the trust of prospect and accelerating their actual conversion.

[Learn more about the importance of follow-up calls here – The Key to Increasing Your Sales: It’s All about Following-up]

But, even after being made aware of the power of follow-up or benefitting from planned customer follow-up, salespeople frequently fail to execute proper follow-up protocols. They end-up either avoiding a particular lead or excessively calling-up a particular high value prospect.

In both cases, you could self destroying your prospects interest in your product/service.

There are mainly two reasons behind it-

  • Not having complete track on sales leads
  • Excessive work load – too many meetings to attend and too many calls to do

Globally, every salesperson can relate to this situation. Due frequently receiving heavy workloads and simultaneously handling multiple clients, all sales people suffer from the lack of future prospect planning.


Missing follow-up calls can slow down conversion process and severely affect your conversion rates. More importantly, it can affect your overall client relationships.

That means loss of great chances and opportunity that can confine you to get right ROI.


Though the problem is grave, you can’t imagine how simple the solution is. Keeping track on notepad and maintaining a contact book is too old to keep up with this competitive industry.

Instead of keeping mental tab on each user, you could use and the call management system. This helps you evaluate the progress and arrange a call at a predisposed time.

This allows you to handle each customer interactions with the objective of driving final conversions. You can also set the right frequency and mode of internal communication.

By having a call management system, you can eradicate the unnecessary problems that could affect your sales process.

Meanwhile, you can also update your daily task on your CRM dashboard. With this system, your entire team can collaborate on preventing any potential calls to be missed-out of the workflow. This will help to sort out your hectic schedule and give a clear understanding about managing your work day.





Mistake 2: Lack of Information

Always, even the most consolidated client meetings are a thing of doubt.

Consider that you are attending a prospect. Now your client asks you for a detail about your product and you aren’t knowledgeable or don’t carry the document about that particular matter.

Or suppose, suddenly a client calls you and asks about the status of his/her enquiry and you don’t have any clue about the previous conversation, since that last call was taken by someone else.

Both of these are very common in sales and marketing organizations.


Lack of information is the major cause behind all the misunderstanding between client and company. Whereas clarity of information can brace the relationships with trust and loyalty, superficial product demonstration and unclear contract can lead to vital error of communication.

Lack of information among your employees can affect-

  • Company reputation
  • Lead generation process
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Team spirit
  • Office environment and culture

Yes, even this problem has an easy solution. And the same sales CRM software can help you out of the situation.

Its valuable application gives you the opportunity to update all the information gathered about your client; you can even raise ticket for each complaint or enquiry to following up the status. All the team members with access to the dashboard can see and act based on the updated information.

Besides, you can have a separate section for uploading your inventory and access those data from your mobile CRM application, so that you can show to your client while having a meeting outside the office.



 Mistake 3: Ignoring the Sales Pipeline

Are you aware of your high ROI lead sources? Do you know what your future sales prospect is?

Being ignorant of your sales pipeline can severely cost you. However, this issue is somewhat different from the other two. Since, the sales pipeline management is a greater concern of sales executives, it has significant role in lead generation and conversion.

44% of the companies think they are ineffective at managing the sales pipeline. Though it helps you to get proper sales forecast, accurate ideas about the status of the deal, visibly distinguish between hot, cold and warm prospect, and bestow a clear vision about your business.


Ignoring sales pipeline can directly effect on your ROI. Proper sales pipeline management helps understanding the quality of leads. Sales reps tend to lose sight of the opportunities they should be pursuing, when they waste so much time chasing poor deals.

When your vision is clouded by poor leads, you’ll spend 90% of your time filtering through bad deals to try and find the ones to coach on.


A technical problem should always have a technical solution. Only a proper sales pipeline management tool can help you differentiate between poor and good quality leads.

Your CRM dashboard is the best place where you can find every information about your prospects, position of your lead in the sales pipeline. This gives you valuable insight about what to do to make the conversion faster.




What works for some salespeople, may not work for you…It is critical to have flexibility and versatility to try-out new approaches and strategies.

As you can see these three common mistakes are easily avoidable with your sales CRM software. You do not need to install different apps or adopt difficult techniques to restrict yourself from damaging your sales opportunities. All you need to utilize your sales management system at its full.

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